STIRLING Fire Rated Shutters are a cost-effective way of securing an opening to reduce the spread of
flames and smoke if a fire breaks out in your premises. STIRLING Fire Rated Shutters can be used for
both industrial and commercial buildings where the risk and possibility of fire is increased. STIRLING
Fire-Rated Shutter comes in various specification and design these include STIRLING Insulated Fire
Rated Shutter, STIRLING Fire Rated Roller Shutter, STIRLING Lateral Sliding Path winder Shutters and
STIRLING Horizontal Fire-Rated Shutters. STIRLING Fire Rated Shutters are thoroughly tested and
conform to strict standards such as MS 1073 Part 3; BS 476 Part 22, SS489 for Singapore and it is also
certified by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Jabatan BOMBA dan Penyelamat Malaysia) for
2 Hours and 4 Hours Fire Resistance Shutter. Besides that, STIRLING Fire-Rated Shutter also certified
by United Laboratories (UL) standard.


STIRLING Fire Rated Shutters are a great solution to sectioning areas of a factory or warehouse off so
that if a machine or materials catch fire only one part of the building will be affected. STIRLING Fire
Rated Shutters give emergency services more time to respond before the condition of the building
deteriorates dramatically.